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Welcome to The ProPlayz Network's official server shop!  Here you can purchase ranks, crates or just donate if your feeling generous. Everything made in the donation store goes straight back into the server to help keep it running.

Normally it will take up to 2-5 minutes to receive your packages.

If 10 minutes has passed without you receiving what you have purchased, feel free to create a store issue post: Here

Find the package/rank you wish to obtain then click "Details", this will open up a perk list popup where you can see what exactly the package/rank gives you! If you are then happy with the rank/package, scroll down to the bottom of the perk list and hit add to cart!

We can boroadcast your minecraft username to the whole server once you have donated.

The ProPlayz Network is NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Microsoft.

Minecraft is © Mojang  2010-2017.

By using this shop, you agree to the terms and conditions of use.


Official shop of The ProPlayz Network.